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Roxanne Jade Regalado dreamed of becoming an author at a very young age. Her mom used to buy her books when she was a child and she enjoyed reading them. She was fascinated by all the stories that her mom used to read to her when she was a child. She also grew up in a house where there were lots of books. For her, an author is able to entertain people and has the capacity to help them learn about things and about life. She believes that an author can touch people's lives. 


Roxanne Jade Regalado is an author who really loves writing. She started writing after she met her publisher Sunny Singh in freelancer.com, a freelance website. Sunny Singh commissioned her to write her first published book, which is entitled Beloved. She continued writing other books from then on with a different publisher which is on bookrix.com. Bookrix a self-publishing company. 


Roxanne decided to write in multiple genres because she has so much to write about and so much to share for the enjoyment of her readers. Currently, she has written 14 books. She has written 4 self-help books, 2 gardening books, 2 travel memoirs, 4 love stories and 4 books about pets. Her books are always on the best-selling list both on amazon.com and bookrix.com. 


She is currently writing another travel memoir and another love story book and they will soon be available on amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, nationalbookstore.com and other online bookstores along with the rest of her other books. 


In addition to her books that are for sale, she also has a book that you can download for free on bookrix.com. How My Cat Regained Her Appetite is available for you to download for free on bookrix.com. 




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